The Cult

“Who are we? We are the rebels, the outcasts, the outliers. Filled with angst and sick to death of social and environmental injustice, we use our art, our voice, to incite change.

Our work reflects a contrarian mentality akin to the historic outlaw culture of the wilds of New Mexico. We distance ourselves from the elitist and wasteful fashion industry, and instead align ourselves with the individual phenomenon of style. What we wear is part of the narrative of who we are.

We are a collective of like-minded realists. We are concerned, we are conscious, we are the demand and we are hellbent. WE ARE THE HERO CULT.

Our mission is to litter the streets with a positive message. It’s not just apparel, it’s a call to action. Don’t be a mindless follower.”

– Kid Vicious & Highwayman